Information about Coronavirus Health and Safety

The changes we have made are:

For Well Being we suggest Social Distancing (1 metre + PPE or 2 metres)

Wash Hands Regularly/Use Hand Sanitiser

Face Covering is advised

In order to keep to these we are implementing the following policies:

We will require all guests full contact details for our Covid Register at Booking (a check-in form can be emailed to you prior and must be received back for us to confirm your booking)


  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Wash hands regularly and use hand sanitiser provided
  • CHECKING IN – Inform us by telephone of your estimated arrival time beforehand, on arrival in the car park, telephone 01803 722252 or 07860 725188 and we will inform you how to safely to check in, wait in your car until we come and advise you. Your body temperature will be checked remotely, on arrival, if a high temperature (fever) is detected your booking may be cancelled/postponed and medical advice should be sought.
  • CHECKING OUT – please phone or text from your room to check the coast is clear and how contactless payments are made (BACS preferred in advance)
  • DURING YOUR STAY - You can communicate with us by text messaging on 07860725188 for anything needed or questions you have, we will also send you text messaging from time to time, to enable social distancing and for you to enjoy your stay.


Only one room will be served breakfast at one time, ( depending on circumstances, It may be that your breakfast is brought to you and placed outside your bedroom door) breakfast choice will be at our discretion to be safe to serve.

  • You must book your time for breakfast in the breakfast room. You may be asked if you wish to share a table with other guests or not
  • Please wait to be seated and remain seated – table service will be given.
  • Self serve items will be at our discretion.


  • Time is given between guests to deep clean & sanitise the room
  • We may not access or service guest’s rooms throughout the duration of your stay, unless a refresh is requested by pre-arrangement.
  • Shampoo, shower gels and soaps will  be available
  • Cushions, Dressing Gowns, Bed Throws, Will be available in the rooms
  • During your stay, refuse from you rooms must be removed by yourself and placed in the bins outside of the house
  • Always Use Hand Sanitiser, Disinfecting Sprays as advised on arrival and during your stay


If you are feeling unwell or you or a member of room show any Covid-19 symptoms then you MUST stay in your room and telephone or text to inform us, we will then advise procedure.

We are following all guidelines to make sure your stay is both safe and enjoyable, but we do also need your help to make this possible.

Please follow the rules and we ask for a little patience and understanding as we all get used to a new way of working.

Please allow yourself Extra Time for everything you do and we do.

If you are unsure or need any help please just ask!

IT will be our intention to have as little interaction with our guests as possible, It will be your duty to keep our location and community safe too by observing rules by other local business and tourist locations.

But overall, WE DO Want You to feel safe and enjoy your stay !!

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